65% Of People Want an Emotional Connection

[Special guest blog post by D. John Carlson]

This is the fourth of five thoughts dealing with the core psychological needs of all consumers. Each one of these six needs represents an opportunity for business.

This thought addresses the critical issue of connection.

It is interesting to consider the three most important factors in determining life expectancy in 2018. The third most important factor is genetics. The second most important factor is environment (including health-related factors such as smoking). However, the most important factor is the human connection.
Put simply, people with friends live longer.

The issue of connection is becoming increasingly important as more and more Australians find themselves living alone. In 2018, some 30% of Australians live with no one else in the home. This, in turn, has contributed to the growth in social media and the coffee culture in Australia.

That said, Professor Dunbar discovered in his research, that the median number of ‘friends’ people actually communicate with on Facebook is 4. Perhaps social media is not such a great connector after all.
Brand research completed in the United States found that 65% of people engage with a brand when they have an emotional connection. This is a well-established finding. What is less recognised is the importance of personal connections. People want and need to connect with each other. They also want to connect with the people they buy from.

Human beings want to belong, to be a part of a tribe or community with which they have an affinity and can engage with. Providing this opportunity is a potential differentiator for most businesses.
In 2018 – help develop connections

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